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Basic Wheat / Mineral Red
Quilt Cover

Reversible Quilt Cover

Thread Count: 680 (per 15cm²)

Material: 100% Cotton Sateen
Manufactured: China

Rapee Basic Series

  • Naturally breathable 100% cotton
  • Varied selection of colors for perfect matching
  • Easy care and low maintenance, machine-washable
  • Smooth on the skin
  • Recommended for those sensitive to static electricity and synthetic fibers
  • Great absorbance and moisture management for high-performance sweat absorption during sleep



How to Choose the Best Bedlinen

What is “thread count”?

"Thread count” simply refers to the number of interlacing threads within a specified area. Weaving generally involves the interlacing of two sets of threads at right angles to each other, commonly known as weft (horizontal) and warp (vertical). As there has yet to be an established standard for thread count in Hong Kong, it is important to be aware of how this is indicated by various brands. A larger area can obviously accommodate more threads, so remember to check the specifications of bedding clearly before purchasing!


Does a higher thread count mean better quality bedding? Learn more here.



Care Instructions

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