Privacy Policy

Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is defined as information pertaining to personal identity that is voluntarily provided by our customers, including as name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, purchase history, etc.,


Purpose of Use

  • To provide customers with rapee-LIVING's products and services
  • To inform customers of company news that we believe is beneficial to them, such as the promotion of new products
  • To survey customers for purposes such as product development
  • To respond to various inquiries


Third-Party Sharing of Personal Information

In accordance with the law, our company will not share customer’s personal information to third parties without customer’s prior agreement. However, the following cases are subject to exemption:


  • Our company has a contract with a third-party service in order to fulfill our purposes of use
  • Our company sells a relevant part of our business
  • Our company has a duty under law to disclose


Access to Personal Information

If a customer wishes to access, edit, or delete any contents of their personal information, please contact us.


Appropriate Management of Personal Information

Our company will properly manage customer’s data so that only authorized personnel are able to access it.



In the case of any feedback or inquiries regarding our personal information policy, please contact us via the methods below.